Register with our practice

Our list is always open to new patients and registering with us is very easy.

You can either come into the surgery and ask at reception for a new patient registration form or you can register online.

All patients who register with us need to provide PROOF OF IDENTITY (photo identification) and PROOF OF ADDRESS.

Examples of Proof of Address:

  • Utility Bill (i.e. Gas, Electricity, Phone bill)
  • Bank Statements
    NOTE: We do not accept mobile phone bills as a proof of address

Examples of Proof of Identity:

  • Passport
  • Photo Driving License

People registering from abroad will need to bring all paperwork with them.

All new patients are expected to see a nurse or doctor soon after registration for a health check. This enables us to assess what care or advice you may require and ensures that the doctor has all your relevant health information to hand. Even if you feel perfectly well, we feel it is important that you take this opportunity to have a check.

Please Note: Patients from abroad requesting treatment other than Primary Care services, may not be entitled to receive these free and the Hospital may charge for treatment.

Catchment Area (Practice Boundary)

You can search for your postcode by clicking the magnifier in the top right corner of the map, this will indicate whether you live within the boundary or not.